Travel Journal

Port Townsend - Bainbridge - Seattle - Vashon Island - July 2

(Friday 6 July 2007) by Karin
Packing up again this morning. Much easier now that I only have two bags and got rid of some stuff. Got a ride to town from the hostel but ended up too far from the bus station so started walking and ended up hitchhiking back. Two buses to get to Bainbridge where I had a two hour wait so explored the town and picked up some lunch items at the grocery store which I fixed and ate on the ferry. Arrival in Seattle but another hour wait for the next ferry to Vashon Island. The only way on and off the Island is a beautiful ferry boat ride, with views of other Islands as well as the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. Another bus ride into town where the hostel shuttle picked me up. Check-in, unload luggage .... you all know the routine by now. Then I went for a run and got a bit lost. Upon return a long chat with Marc, who works a the hostel and a late dinner. Some time around the fire outside before going to bed.
I don't think I like these long travel days.
Angel of Transformation travelling with me today.


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