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Vashon Island - July 3-4

(Friday 6 July 2007) by Karin
The Island is approximately 13 miles long by eight miles wide at its widest point. There is something special about being on an Island: the pace is slower, the people are friendly, the attitudes relaxed. Great place to be.
The hostel too is a great place to be. In the barn you have dorm rooms, bathroom, kitchen, games, common room, etc. There are outside showers, teepee's and wagons to sleep in, you can sleep in your tent and you are surrounded by green. There's also a spot to build a fire at night and just hang out.
Tuesday I walked to town in the morning to use the internet at the library. Strolled around a bit before coming back to the hostel to have a snack and lay in the sun reading. Great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Early evening I went for a walk to the Fisher Pond Preserve which was created in 1998 and now covers 145 acres. It is the largest freshwater body on the Island and one of the Island's best birding spots. Some dinner and another interesting conversation with Marc. I will spare you all the details. Went to sit around the fire with some of the other guest before going to bed.
Sleeping really good at this hostel so wasn't up too early. Marc had made pancakes for Harald and Laila (father and daughter whom I met yesterday) and himself. They smelled delicious and according to Harald and Laila they tasted great. The best they ever ate. Unfortunately for me they had buttermilk and eggs in them so I had a peach breakfast. Moved my belongings to one of the wagons. Yes, I will be sleeping in a wagon tonight and looking forward to it. Then I took Laila to the pond and we had fun throwing stones in the water. They often landed on the roof above the picnic table or in the bushes but we had fun. Played some ball near the barn and then the three of us walked the approx. 1 and 3/4 hilly miles to town for some lunch at the 'Hardware Store'. Grocery stop before heading back to the hostel, this time with a pretty full stomach. Food and company were excellent. Played some more games with Laila (sure do miss babysitting and the play opportunities that gives). Laila, if you read this, I really enjoyed playing with you.
Laila wanted to 'cook' some dinner together so we fixed a salad (great cooks we are) and some sandwiches (didn't involve much cooking either) and ate before going to Point Robinson to check out the lighthouse. The Lighthouse on Point Robinson has been beaming its light from the present structure since 1915. In 1885, a fog signal was commissioned, and there has been one on Pt Robinson ever since. By the early 1900's, maritime traffic had increased to the point that it was time for a real lighthouse; by 1915, the present building was ready and put into service. The Lighthouse today is nearly in its original form, the only difference being that the light has been electrified and automated. The Classical Fresnel lens is the original 1915 lens; it was then lit by a kerosene light.
The Lighthouse guides ships headed for Commencement Bay in Tacoma, and it marks a dangerous point that projects into Puget Sound. It's an active light, watching 24 hours a day.
Also a beautiful view of Mount Rainier from here.
We then headed for Dockton Park to watch the July 4, Independence Day, fireworks but left before they started. We did see some on our way back to the hostel. Sat outside on a bench gazing at stars (lots of them here), talking and enjoying the evening. Didn't feel like going to bed as I didn't want to end a perfect day in such great surroundings but an early start tomorrow so......

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