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Vashon Island - Portland (Oregon) - Seaside - July 5-6

(Tuesday 10 July 2007) by Karin
Shuttle bus to bus station left at 7:15 yesterday so up early to pack and prepare breakfast and lunch. Ferry to Seattle and train to Portland. No space at the hostels in Portland so waited for a bus to Seaside, Oregon's first beach resort, located on the north Oregon coast, 79 miles west of Portland. For over 150 years, Seaside has been a favorite Northwet destination for romantic getaways, family fun and outdoor adventures on the Oregon Coast. Decided to stay 2 nights but knew already I made a mistake. I should have stayed on Vashon Island. The weather, hot and sunny in Vashon and even in Portland, was gray and cold here. The hostel is nice but it won't be easy to beat the atmosphere of the one in Vashon. But I didn't pay for a trip all the way here to go back the next day.
So today, after a stop at the bank, I walked down Broadway, Seaside's famous downtown mainstreet, and felt like I was on the Belgian coast. Candy shops, beach toy shops, restaurants, game arcade, carousel, bumper cars, souvenir shops, more candy shops next to ice cream parlors, miniature golf, etc.
At the end of Broadway, a statue of Lewis and Clark at the turnaround commemorates their contributions. In 1806, the explorers choose a site near what is now South Seaside to set up a salt making camp. They are one of America's most famous explorers.
Then, a walk on seaside's famous oceanfront promenade. Built in 1921, the seaside Promenade is 8000 ft long. The only boardwalk of its kind in Oregon Coast, this breakwater could not have been built except for the presence of an erosionally resistant cobble ridge that fronts the erodable sand beach. Composed of volcanic basalt, these rounded rocks are the remains of a landslide debris that poured many times from Tillamook Head into the ocean, then driven by stormwaves to the beach. In the distance, the rainforest covered Tillamook Head looms 1000 feet high and juts two miles into the Pacific, the result of ancient lava flows from millions of years ago. Back to the hostel walking on the beach searching for sanddollars. Weather was cold and grey so I will be leaving tomorrow. There are lots of things to do here in Seaside and it probably is a great place but just not for me. Going back to Vashon Island tomorrow.
Played scrabble with Frances and talked with Lee. Dinner and bedtime.


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