Travel Journal

Seaside - Vashon Island - July 7

(Tuesday 10 July 2007) by Karin
Got a ride to Vashon Island from Lee. Got back here so much faster then if I would have taken the bus, train, bus, ferry, bus and shuttle. Paid half of the gas and the ferry over to the Island. Lots of talking on the way and stopped to buy some yummie cherries at a roadside stand. Arrived back on Vashon Island early afternoon and first stopped for some food shopping before going to the hostel where when Laila hugged me from behind I discovered that they had extended their stay too. Good to see her back. Brought all my luggage into the teepee (yes, I'm sleeping in a teepee tonight) and had a late lunch. Harald, Laila, Hannah and her mom where going to the movies and I joined in. Ratatouille. Fun Disney movie but with all the food in it made us hungry. Returned to hostel to have some dinner and sit around the fire where we played a 'name a famous person game' (without the drinking that usually accompanies this game) until midnight. It's good to be back and I will be staying here another four days. I'm taking a nice vaction. Not planning on doing much while I'm here. Good night.


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