Travel Journal

Vashon Island - July 8-9-10

(Wednesday 11 July 2007) by Karin
Sitting here trying to remember the events of the last few days. Having a hard time. Did I do that much? I didn't think so. Or maybe I just didn't do anything. Sounds more like it. It is such a nice place to be and just do nothing. But I guess that is not what you all want to hear.
Harald and Laila left on Sunday to continue on their journey so goodbye's were said. Then a trip to the laundromat as I didn't have any more clothes left so Lee drove me there and while waiting for the machine to finish we made a quick stop at the Thriftway grocery store. Upon return I moved my belongings to a wagon. My home for the next few days. A trip to Fisher's pond in the afternoon and just enjoying some time there with Steven, watching ducks and fish, listening to the bullfrogs, throwing stones in the water, using the picnic table as a bench to lay on head down and see everything from a different perspective, watching the clouds and try to find shapes/figures in them, talking. Really nice. Went back in the evening to enjoy the quiet and watching the stars. Hard to put on paper what you feel then. Dark when we headed back and squeaky trees were a bit scary. Not easy to find the way back and still wonder how Steven managed to see anything. He didn't even miss the turnoff back to the hostel which is already not very visible during the day. A good day.
Monday morning I decided it was time for a short run again but only came back 3 hours later. I guess I went a bit further than I anticipated and ended up near the ferry. Had to walk/run all the way back. Was hungry as I didn't have breakfast before leaving (I was only going for a short run) but found some nice ripe raspberries and lots of salmonberries near the road so munched on those. Took a nap and spent some more time at Fisher's Pond with Steve before heading for the library. Took a right turn instead of a left turn and asked for the way to the library a bit futher down. Met Gail and we started talking about travelling and places I'd seen and where I was still going to, etc. Was invited for dinner and met her partner Sarah with whom I shelled peas while talking mostly about the good things in life. Had the best dinner I'd had for a while while sitting at a table with placemates, napkins, candles, great company and good food. Life is good. Gail dropped me off at the hostel with the leftovers and a bowl of freshly picked raspberries.
Angel of Abundance traveled with me today.
Today I ate the raspberries for breakfast (Gail, Sarah, if you should read this, they were sooooooooooooooo yummie and I enjoyed) before walking down to the library as I didn't really make it there yesterday. Walked back, had some lunch, put on my bikini, took the mp3 player and listened to some music while singing along and enjoying a hot afternoon on the grass in front of my wagon. What else could one ask for. After dinner I met some of the other hostelers, Pam and Laurie and we enjoyed some time together before joining their kids around the campfire later in the evening playing the 'name a famous person game' again. I love the campfires in the evening. We all share information of places we've seen, the must-sees, the must- go to's etc. Traveling and staying at hostels surely is a great way for meeting a lot of nice people.
Two angels today: Angel of Courage and Angel of Honesty.


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