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Vashon Island - July 11-12

(Sunday 15 July 2007) by Karin
The Angel of release - My life is perfect here and now. Our greatest release is to free ourselves from attachments of the past and concerns with the future - to be able to live in the present moment. When we do this, we concentrate our energies, and we don't lose vitality by criticizing, comparing, and judging. The quality of release frees us from guilt which is a great waste of energy. Release brings freedom from attachment to possessions or fear of loss.
Wednesday sure was a very busy busy day. Got up late, breakfast, talking with Marc and take the 11:45 am hostel shuttle into town to the library. Got a ride back later from another hosteller and had some lunch. Day almost over. Throwing ball and frisbee with Steve for a while and we then went down for a walk. Ignored "private property - no access" sign on the trail and found a nice and quiet spot near a small pond where we spent some time contemplating sky, pond and just talked. Too many mosquitos so we moved to Fisher's pond and finally saw some of the noisy bullfrogs we'd been hearing on our previous trips. Had the usual salad and avocado sandwich for dinner and went to bed early with a book. Steve passed by for another chat and ended up turning in late anyway.
Today I wanted to catch the 7:15 shuttle to catch the ferry so up early again. My last day here I spent on the main land, Seattle. Seattle is named after Chief Sealth, the Suquamish Indian chief. Chief Sealth was not at all sure about sharing his name with the city. That he was eventually persuaded it would be an honour says something of the relationship that existed between him and the first mid-nineteenth-century settlers. Seattle is today a vibrant, multi-ethnic town, its fortunes tied not only to the logging industry, but also to Boeing, which opened its first airplaine factory there in 1916.
After checking the ferry schedule for tomorrow and buying my ticked I visited the Space Needle. The Space Needle (605 feet) was completed at a total cost of 4.5 million, and just in time for the opening of the World's Fair on April 21, 1962, as the central attraction. Publicity for the Space Needle appeared in major magazines from coast to coast. Approx. 20.000 people visited the Needle daily throughout the duration of the fair. Today it offers visitors the opportunity to "go vertical" to the O Deck 520 foot viewing level where they can "live the view" of Seattle and its surrounding mountains and waters. Guests can enjoy 360 degree dining from the revolving Sky City Restaurant at 500 feet. I skipped that part after seeing the prices on the menu.
Walked to the REI outdoor store from there. Seattle sure is hilly. From there on back down to the Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously run farmers market in the US. Wandered among its many fresh fish and vegetable stalls, craft booths and some of the oldest and best restaurants and cafes in town. Downstairs, a labyrinth of funky shops sell vintage clothing, leather goods, talking parrots and other oddball and ordinary things. As I wanted to get a refund for an unused bus ticket I walked towards the trainstation afterwards and on the way discovered the "PIGS". Pigs on parade brings public art to Seattle while helping to raise money for the Market's human services. 100 pigs, sponsored by 100 generous piganthropists, will celebrate the Market's 100th anniversary from June to September. You'll find them hogging up the streets of Seattle donning the most creative and outrageous outfits, from blown glass and found objects to etchings and even gum. With 2007 being both the Market's Centennial and the Chinese year of the Golden Pig, this year is sure to be filled with double the happiness and double the luck for the pigs (and me??). Unfortunately not enough time left to find them all but did see a bunch as after my station trip. My goal was to find as many as I could in the little time I had left before I had to catch the ferry back to Vashon Island. Saw approximately 30 of them so didn't do too bad.
Trying to get rid of as much food as possible (everything I eat I won't have to carry tomorrow) I ate too much and then enjoyed my last long evening around the campfire playing the 'name a famous person' game again. A perfect ending of a great stay. Packing usually is not much fun but this time it was even less. I really want to hike the "West Coast Trail" cause otherwise I would stay.


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