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Vashon Island - Vancouver - July 13-14

(Sunday 15 July 2007) by Karin
Friday the 13th - a travel day. Not much fun. Shuttle from hostel to ferry - ferry from Vashon Island to Seattle - taxi from ferry to next ferry - Victoria Clipper (another ferry) from Seattle to Victoria (Vancouver Island) - pass customs and walk to HI hostel to pick up the luggage I left there two weeks ago - walk to bus station with even more luggage - bus to Swartz Bay to take yet another ferry - ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawassen - bus from Tsawassen to Vancouver train station - taxi from train station to Ramada hotel. Finally.... arrived. Met Ernie (our guide for the trip) and Glenda (both of whom I met in Dunster). Before going out for dinner I also met the other people in the group..... Ingeborg, Adrian, Ninka, Raymond and Jan whom arrived from the Netherlands today. The Dutch group was tired so we all went to bed not too late. Meeting for breakfast at 8.
Angel of Health travelled with me.
And today - The Angel of Integrity - The dance of polarities is a constant in our lives: to give and to receive, to laugh and cry, "to be or not to be," positive and negative. In that way we each carry within a colorful spectrum of our energies. Accepting and expressing those aspects, as they are, is to live with conscious integrity.
Today a free day in Vancouver for all. Glenda and I went with Ernie to the grocery store to get food for the trip and to MEC (Mountain Equipment Cooperation) to get some missing gear needed for the trip. Got a mattress, sleeping bag and some other stuff and now I'm totally broke. Took us most of the day. Upon return I spent a lot of time packing up my food in daily rations as to easily have access to them during the hike and tried to figure out what else I need to carry with me. Seven days on the trail requires some organizing. Not finished but wanted to update this log before leaving. Unfortunately no pictures yet but after the hike I will be in Victoria again for a day so will have time to upload some. Will only be in Victoria on the 23 so no updates till then.
You all have a good time......

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