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West Coast Trail - July 16 - Day 1 - km 1 - 12

(Thursday 26 July 2007) by Karin
Angel of Obedience
Wake up at 7:00 am at the Pachena Bay Campground. Breakfast, pack up tent and load the backpacks. Mine is still as heavy as it was yesterday. Promising..... Ready at 9:15 for the 9:30 information session on the what to do and what not, the trail, latest trail info, etc. Received maps and tidal charts and we're on the trail by 10:50 after a last "outhouse" stop.
Let's start with some of the approximately 70 ladders (if you stay on the forest trail you have more ladders than if you stick to the beach as much as you can). Not too sure about the going up and down the ladders yet but I'm sure that will get better when we go along. Right now I'm awfully slow. Trail today is all inland and the weather is cooperating. Sunny and warm but the trail is muddy and wet and I wonder if I'll ever get my muddy pants clean again. And this is only day one. A longer stop at the Pachena Lighthouse at approx. km 10. It was the wreck of the Valencia (1906) and the loss of 133 lives that prompted the construction of the lighthouse and the life saving trail. The last two kilometers seem endless and this is the easy part of the trail. At around 7:00 we arrive at the campsite. Everyone is tired. We set up tents, make dinner, filter water, etc. Glenda and I do the washing up in the sea and get our shoes quite wet. We put food and toiletries in the bear proof lockers and by eleven everyone is in bed. I share a tent with Glenda and Ingeborg. And here's the first rain. Yippieeeeeeeeee.

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