Travel Journal

West Coast Trail - July 19 - Day 4 - Km 42-53

(Friday 27 July 2007) by Karin
9:45 departure from camp. It stopped raining. Missed the beach entrance and ended up inland for the first half hour but then managed to get on the beach from there. But at km 44 ... ladders and more ladders to go up to the Carmanah Point Lighthouse. Carmanah Lighthouse is a classic, built in 1891. The nice lawn, gardens and white paint jump out in sharp contrast to the west coast wilderness. Filled up our water bottles and had a nice rest. Watched some seals. After the lighthouse we went down the ladders again and back to the beach. Got tired of trudging through the endless sand but no choice. At km 46 another cable care over Carmanah Creek this time. Finished it at about 1:00 and unbelievable but true, the sun came out and we had a 'sunny lunch'. I first hung as much of my stuff to dry starting with my socks. Did succeed quite well in drying but just after we left around 3:00 it started pouring again. So much for that. After km 51 we went into the forest again and just before camp we had another cable car over Walbran Creek to the Walbran Creek campsite. Walbran creek marks the divide between the easier (Bamfield) and difficult (Port Renfrew) sections of the trail. Arrived at 7:00, wet and tired. Glenda and Ernie set up the tarp while the others were busy setting up tents. The tarp provided much needed shelter and an area to cook and eat. After dinner Ernie and Ingeborg went to put food etc. in the bear locker when Ingeborg fell down some logs. She got a nasty cut just above her eye and some sore ribs. Scary.
With a whole afternoon of rain my socks got wet again and were really stinky so I was nicely asked to keep them out of the tent. When laying down to sleep I realized that this didn't make much of a difference as we had the ventilation windows open and I started giggling as did the others when I explained the reason. Really tired.....


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