Travel Journal

We(s)t Coast Trail - July 20 - Day 5 - Km 53 - 62

(Friday 27 July 2007) by Karin
Angel of Order
9:00 am departure in the rain. I spilled part of my precious pasta in the sand this morning. Darn. Put on clean socks this morning but that didn't last long. We all had water in our boots after a few hours of hiking and at first the "squishy feet" discouraged me. You quickly learn to live with it as you know your boots won't be dry for many days. You also stop to avoid mud baths. Just put a smile on your face and wade right through the middle. Much faster. Straightforward muddy slogging. At 11:15 we reached the Logan suspension bridge. With suspension bridge I mean a suspended single-plank bridge, 100 meters long, that bounces and sways in the wind. Ingeborg and I are the first ones to go and we took our time making pictures in the pouring rain. What the heck... we are wet anyway. And it is the only suspension bridge on the trail. We've also reached the start of the BIG ladders; big ladders at both Logan Creek and Cullite Creek. It's hard work. It is muddy where there are no (crumbling) boardwalks. Roots, mud, fallen logs; grueling with some easy sections. Routine slogging by now. At 1:30 we finished yet another cable car, over Cullite Creek this time. At 1:50 we set up the tarp for lunch as it is still pouring. Is this ever going to stop???? We eat on one of the boardwalks and when I decide this needs a picture I walk backwards right of the boardwalk. Another fall. Just another few bruises. At 4:00 we are at km 59, at 5:00 at km 60. Not going fast as you can see. After so many hours of rain, the trail turns into an even more deep, puddled, root-covered, muddy mess and we were happy to finally arrive at 7:00. We were quite happy with a bit of time without rain to set up the tents. Ingeborg and I are becoming experts in this while Glenda helps Ernie with the tarp and the start of the dinner preparations. After dinner I washed my socks even though I knew I wouldn't be able to dry them. Maybe not dry... but maybe, just maybe they will smell a bit better. I don't think the white socks will ever be white again.


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