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West Coast Trail - July 21 - Day 6 - Km 62 - 70 (+1)

(Friday 27 July 2007) by Karin
Angel of Forgiveness
Preparing breakfast, tending to sore feet, packing up, etc. becomes a morning ritual. Wet clothes and wet sand. Everything and every item in our packs is either wet or wet and covered in sand. Including the pack. Fun.
We start out dry this morning with a cable car across Camper Creek and go into the trees. Trail will be mostly inland which means we'll have to add an extra Km at the end to get to the campground.
Why does it seem that my pack is just as heavy as when I started. And I really shouldn't complain. My pack is the lightest. But I still have a hard time. I guess it's the additional water as everything gets more soaked as we advance.
At 12:35 we go down to the beach. At first I don't feel like going down to the beach as this usually means lots of ladders but the majority wants to go and I understand. A totally different view and this will be our last chance. So down we go. A big slimy, slippery rock to go down at the end but Adriaan, Glenda and I slide it down as this is much easier. You might end up on your bottom anyway. Then another careful walk over slippery, slimy, covered in kelp rocks to climb back up the rocks a kilometer down the road. We have some lunch there before going inland again when it starts raining.... again. After all, didn't we have a dry morning? Isn't that enough? We missed the rain, didn't we? Tell me again.... Why am I doing this???? I am glad we did go down to the beach though. More treacharous tree roots and walking on slippery logs. I do go face down in the mud with 10 pairs of eyes watching me. Scary and I'm lucky it was just mud. Don't know who was more scared... me or the onlookers. They couldn't see where I fell but just saw me go face down and get up with a teary eyed face full of mud. Clean-up reveals no major cuts. Just bit my lip. I just sit down for a bit an drink some water before we continue on. Felt a bit wobbly for a while and the next slippery log we encountered after that I walk over very slowly and a bit wobbly but got used to them again quickly. I felt more comfortable with the boulder hopping and log walking then some of the other slippery structures. After hours we find the turn off to Thrasher Cove, our last camp site, and started the descent. The last km was a collage of slippery ladders, steep root structures, unstable earth and a muddy mess. Sure glad Jan followed right behind me with some very welcome advice. Once on the beach, getting set up and dry was a challenge in the pouring rain. We were all soaked thoroughly and happy that we only had one more day to go.
Ingeborg and I set up our tent but found out later that with the rain coming down we planted our tent on a small stream. After dinner we tried to get in the tent without bringing in too much water and sand. That sure was hilarious and we just giggled. Soo tired and worn out that giggling just didn't stop. You know how that goes. Wake up call will be at 5:00 am so let's get some sleep.


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