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West Coast Trail - July 22 - Day 7 - Km 70 - 75 (+1)

(Friday 27 July 2007) by Karin
Angel of Trust: When we trust our inner potential, we never waste energy. Whenever we are motivated by the deepest trust within ourselves and not by others' expectations we will be giving the living example of trust.
After a night of rain, we woke early, ate, packed up and "jumped" into the last day.
Upon wake up we discovered that our small stream under the tent had become a bigger stream by now and we were surprised we kept it dry inside and that we didn't float away all together. Trying to find something a bit dry to wear was a challenge but I did find some 'not too wet' clothes. Wet boots and socks I'm used to by now. My pack stinks, my clothes stink, my shoes stink, let's not even discuss my socks, and of course.... I stink. Everyone is in the same boat though. Looking forward to a nice hot shower. But first we have to get back up those ladders. 130 steps I counted. Am I insane??? Later on another 15 and then 27 again. Yippieeeee, there's the sign.... 5 km till Gordon river. Don't know what was in Raymond's coffee but he's racing this morning. Must not have been a lot of water. I'm already tired and have no energy left. Not enough food over the last few days (great weight loss program if you're interested) and surely not this morning. The trail becomes a bit easier and I have hope for the next 5 K. We soon reach the highest point and get back to the mud. It is slow, muddy, slippery, steep and switchbacked. Almost no ocean views to distract from scrambling endless ups and downs. This section takes forever. We wade through small streams and I frequently require a handhold to hoist me and my pack up the next step. Wet ladders with small waterfalls raining cold water on my head and hands as I descend. Found myself clutching anything that would assist me up or down a slippery root or a stone on the trail. And then I get stuck in the middle of some rocks and don't dare go any further.... or back. Aaaarrgggh. What am I doing here? Getting lots of advice from everyone but it seems like I'm glued to that rock. I'm scared and don't dare move so Ernie comes to my rescue again. Poor Glenda and Adriaan are stuck right behind me. Totally exhausted and hungry hungry hungry. I definitely didn't eat enough over those last days. I have no energy left and feel like I can't go on anymore. And we are almost there. Feeling much better after some lunch and ready to attack the last kilometers. Still not easy but I made it. Coming of the trail, when we finally reach Gordon river, we raise the buoy to signal to the boat operator that we are ready to re-enter civilisation.
I have completed one of the most difficult, grueling hikes on this continent. Thank you Jan, Adriaan, Glenda, Nienke, Raymond, Ernie and Ingeborg for all your help and encouragements. I couldn't have done it without you.
On the other side of the river we find a small convenience store where I buy some cereal bars, the others, chocolate bars and pop. A short walk to the registration office where we drop the doubles of our permits and wait an hour for the bus. Everyone starts changing shoes while waiting but my other ones are just as wet so I just keep my stinky boots on. I really stink. The bus trip seems to last forever but we do get dropped of at the University of Victoria (UVIC), our home for the next two nights, and head straight for the showers. Oh no.... they are barely warm.... what happened to hot showers. What a disappointment but we do smell a lot better.
Dinner at a restaurant where we got to late to choose from the menu. Only appetizers but there was a big choice so we all found enough to eat anyway. Upon return we gathered the tents etc. to dry in the laundry room. I started some laundry and started writing the story......
PS. I wonder what I'll remember most: the rain, mud, exhaustion, laughter, tears.....

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