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Victoria - July 23 - Victoria - Vancouver - July 24

(Saturday 28 July 2007) by Karin
Yippieeee.... a hot shower this morning. Soooooooooo much better. But a very short night so maybe a cold shower would have been better. Spend half the night looking after the laundry and was exhausted. Still trying to sort through some of my things and am washing all the little bags and shoes in the sink. Don't know if any of it will ever dry but let's hope so.
Jan, Adriaan, Ingeborg and I take the bus into town and stroll around looking for a company that will take us whale watching. We make reservations for 2:00 and I go off to the hostel to get some telephone numbers and to the internet cafe to check emails. Waiting for an email from my next wwoof host. He's in Vancouver for the moment and can pick me up to go to Bella Coola. I quickly grab some food before we meet again at 1:30 to get ready for our whale watching trip. Put on an orange suit that is supposed to keep us dry before we hop into the zodiac . When the boat picks up speed I get totally splashed with seawater and soon discover that the suit isn't waterproof. I had just told the others that I was happy to sit in the second row (only 3 places per row) as it was less windy so Adriaan laughs when he finds out that I'm getting splashed all the time. He manages to keep it quite dry throughout the whole 3 hour tour. But then we see a humpback whale. Wooooooow. But you really have to keep your eyes open at all times to not miss them. It sure is a great sight. And here it starts raining again and I start getting cold. We then continue on to find some sea lions and back to Victoria. A few stops at outdoor stores before we look for a restaurant for a nice dinner with great company. I splurged and had a glass of wine with dinner AND dessert. I surely will miss the company tomorrow when they all go on to the rockies. Upon return at Uvic I try to call Leonard (wwoof host) again and he will pick me up at Tswawassen the next day. Great news for Ernie and the others as they will not loose time dropping me in town.
Breakfast at seven on Tuesday as we will be picked up at 7:45 to go to the ferry. I've been up for a while as I still needed to do most of the packing. The taxi driver doesn't stop talking and pointing things out but I wished he would keep his hands on the steering wheel. A sunny day today and we all sit outside on the ferry enjoying some sunshine at last. Last time to pull an angel card for everyone and I give everyone a brightly colored bear bell. On days I forgot to get the angel cards out someone would usually remind me. I forgot which one I had today. Leaving the ferry you can hear all of us coming as the bear bells rinkle. We say goodbye and I wait for Leonard and Daniel (his son) to pick me up. A nice ride into town with a nice lunch and they will pick me up on Thursday morning to go to Bella Coola. Looking forward to this. They drop me at the Downtown Hostel and I go for a short walk. Am really tired so I take a nap, start writing the log and go to bed early. I miss the others.

  • we made it! by Ingeborg

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