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Vancouver - July 25-26 - Vancouver - Tofino - July 27

(Sunday 29 July 2007) by Karin
Got up late on Wednesday and went for a run to Stanley park. It's been a while but it went OK. Checked mails when I returned and was really disappointed to find out that Leonard got a job on a boat for the next two months and wasn't going back to Bella Coola after all. Depressing. I had looked forward to another wwoof job. Instead I spent time on the phone making calls left and right, checked the wwoof site etc. but didn't come up with any new plans yet. Oh well, I'll find something else to do. Continued updating the West Coast Trail log and at 10:00 I went to see the fireworks in Stanley Park from the beach. The closest I've ever been to fireworks and it sure was nice.
Carried the Angel of Health with me on Thursday. Spent a lot of time on the phone again and decided to ride the Moose again tomorrow. Going to Tofino and spending a few days there. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Vancouver but laundry needed to be taken care off and I spent more time on the West Coast Trail log. Finally finished it and then spent a lot of time sorting out my stuff and packing for tomorrow. Managed to fill up a small trash can but bags are still full and heavy.
Angel of Abundance: Abundance is not a great quantity of things, but the awareness of "quality" within all we have.
Angel of Human Unity: I always learn valuable things from everyone I meet.
Ready for the Moose at 8:15 this morning. John is the driver this time and I get a seat in the back. I usually sit up front because of motion sickness but needed a change and had a good time. Drive through Stanley Park and over the Lion's gate bridge to Horseshoe Bay to take the ferry to Nanaimo. Am tired and fall asleep on the boat and later on several times on the bus. First stop is the grocery store to get some lunch and food for the next few days. Tofino is much more expensive. We then have lunch at Little Qualicum Falls park and a short walk to the upper falls. Feels good to stretch your legs a bit. Back on the bus to go to Sproat Lake Provincial Park were we look for a glimpse of the Past: petroglyphs carved by First Nations people. They may have been made by pecking the rock face but as there are no marks on the rock, it has been suggested that the deep grooves were made with a sharpened stick using wet sand as an abrasive. Lands in this region were historically occupied by the Hupacasath First Nations people. There are nine designs on the petroglyph. Sproat Lake is also the home base for the Martin Mars Water Bombers that use the lake as a runway on their forest-fire fighting missions. Last stop before arrival is at Wickaninnish center, the legendary Long Beach. A 12-km stretch of sand in Pacific Rim National Park, the only National Park on the Island and one of your best bets for spotting marine life. Arrival at the HI hostel 'Whalers on the Point' at dinner time so the usual routine: check in, bring luggage to room and prepare and eat dinner.

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