Travel Journal

Vancouver - August 2-3-4

(Wednesday 15 August 2007) by Karin
Angel of Delight - Angel of Communication - Angel of Power
Get up late, enjoy the sun on Jericho Beach, walk through Jericho Park, window shopping on 4th street, run through Jericho Park - those are some of the things that occupied me over the last few days. Nothing interesting but all very enjoyable. Met Monica last night at the hostel and after some talking she suggested to call Steve and Alison, some friends who'd had wwoofers before, in the morning to see if they were interested in some help. And they are so I will be getting a ride from her tomorrow to Denman Island.
This evening I went to see the last of the "BC Celebration of Light" fireworks on the beach. I was early (for once) and enjoyed the sunset and a short walk before it started. Thousands of people on the beach, accompanying music in the background and amazing fireworks... needless to say that I enjoyed.


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