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Vancouver - Denman Island - August 5

(Wednesday 15 August 2007) by Karin
Up on time as I wanted to go for a run before leaving. Monica's son Daniel was playing in a beach volleyball tournament this morning so I had some time to run, pack and check out of the hostel. Nice long run along Jericho Beach, Locarno Beach, Spanish Bank East and West into Pacific Spirit Regional Park and a chat with Monica and son David on Locarno beach on my way back. Ready to leave by 12 and off we go. The amount of traffic on a Sunday in Vancouver is unbelievable. But as soon as we got on the highway to Horseshoe Bay to catch the ferry to Nanaimo the traffic was fine. But a long wait to get on the ferry. Seems like everyone wants to go to Nanaimo. Wanted to sit out on the ferry and enjoy the sun but got blown back inside. Sooooo windy. A beautiful drive to Buckley Bay where Monica dropped me off. Just off shore and accessible from Buckley Bay, south of Courtenay, on the east coast of Vancouver Island you'll find Denman Island. Denman Island has many walking and hiking trails and easy access to many beaches so will be easy to explore. After a short ferry ride Alison picked me up at the other end. Got a wheel barrow on the ferry so I didn't have to carry my stuff but could just wheel it all to the car. Shown around the house etc., dinner and nice conversation before going to bed. Work tomorrow... will I still know how to? It sure has been a while.
Good night.


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