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Denman Island - August 6 - 7

(Wednesday 15 August 2007) by Karin
Angel of Inspiration
Not up very early so too late to feed the pigs this morning. But first I'll tell you some more about Swan Farm, the place where Alison and Steve live together with Sylvia and Gracie, the cats, Balou, the dog, 5 cows and 5 calves, two momma pigs, one with 5 young pigs and one with seven 3-day old piglets (oh soooo cute), and two daddy pigs. A big veggie garden, lots of blackberries and plum, apple and pear trees. And a serious amount of weeding to be done.
Alison and I started clearing around one of the apple trees and then I continued cutting weeds etc. with the weedwhacker (that's how we baptized the machine I was using). I was covered in grass from top to toe after that exercise. We always needed Steven's help to get the machine going but the results are amazing. You can surely see the work that has been done. Gratifying.
After lunch I walked down to the beach. A short walk through a beautiful forest. Ever been on the beach, laying down with your eyes closed, listening to the waves, feeling the warmth of the sun on your body, smelling the trees, a little breeze, enjoying the quietude???? Total bliss. Just me, the beach, the sea, the trees. That's how I spent the afternoon. What else could I have wished for? It lasting forever maybe....
Back 'home' to feed the pigs, have dinner and enjoy the evening and the company. I'm happy to be here.
Angel of Sharing
Got up earlier today and in time to feed the pigs. Those piglets are adorable but won't let you come close. Allison is gone for the day but Steve is around and he got the weedwhacker going for me. Oooops..... I cut some onion greens too. Don't think that was needed but I didn't see them. Then I picked a bucket and a half of green beens. Took much longer than I thought it would take but I must admit, I occasionally did spent some time in the blackberry patch eating delicious blackberries and getting stuck in thorns. Also eating loads of yummie plums. Still had some time to start weeding/emptying some of the raised vegetable beds. Another rewarding job as the difference is enormous. Time for lunch comes along quickly.
As it was a gray (but dry) day I decided to spent the afternoon on a beach hike and beach combing. What a great idea. It started out easy enough but then walking became harder in the quicksand, then small rocks and of course, lots of slippery, slimy sea weed. Then the beach became an obstacle course, climbing over fallen trees, some boulder hopping and then..... an enormous rock in front of me..... luckily enough space to go around it. Felt like I was back on the West Coast Trail but without the rain. I did really enjoy it. No heavy backpack and time to enjoy the scenery. Unfortunately I forgot to pack a snack and water. So when I got too hungry I started the return trip. Stop often to look at seashells, sea weed, bald eagles, etc.
Back in time for pig feeding and some dinner. Pig feeding is fun but I'm not very good yet in climbing over the fences to get the buckets back and not being pushed around by the pigs.
Watched a movie with Steve and Alison. "Analyze this" with Robert de Niro and Billy Crystal. Good fun.


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