Travel Journal

Denman Island - August 10-11

(Friday 17 August 2007) by Karin
Angel of Openness
After a late night of eating and drinking I didn't think I would be up in time to feed the pigs but I was. I like this as the first chore of the day. Pigs are fun and the piglets are adorable. Alison left for a retreat this morning so we said goodbye. I'll miss her. It really was nice working together and we talked a lot. As it rained all of last evening and last night I wasn't able to do the weedwhacking so I covered the finished veggiebeds with straw to keep more weeds from growing, started weeding another one, pulled out part of the fava bean plants and cut lots of dead flowers for seeds. I like pottering around in the garden.
Took a nap in the afternoon as I was tired and then had some cow company while writing the log. Cows also mean lots of flies and their annoying zooming around.
After dinner Steve and I watched the movie "Hours" while sipping Kahlua. After the movie it was dark enough outside to go watch the meteor showers. Meteors are tiny particles left behind in a comet's orbit. Some of these fragments are seen falling through the sky in a flash of light as they burn in our atmosphere. t's also called a "shooting star". Incredible, the amount of stars you can see here on a clear night. Amazing, beautiful. Sat out for a while and saw one big shooting star and a few smaller ones. Then I searched for my sleeping bag as I wanted to experience a night in the hay. Walked to the barn and at first was a bit scared of all the eyes that followed me. Realized it was only deer and instead of turning back I continued on, climbed up to the hayloft, set up my bed, and slept like a baby.
The Angel of Freedom kept me company today.
Woke up early but sleeping in the hay is comfortable so didn't get up until it was time to feed the pigs. It was raining anyway. Getting down from the hay loft proofed to be a bit harder then getting up there as I couldn't find the ladder. So I just let go and dropped down. Ouch.
Saturday is recycling day so we packed everything up and went to the recycling center and Saturday market. The Recycling Depot also has a Free store where you can drop off anything you don't need anymore and/or pick up anything you (don't) need. Be careful not to come back with more than you left behind. I just got a book. All this didn't take too long and upon return Steve showed me how to use the tractor so I could spread the cow manure in one of the fields. Scary thought as tractors are manual and I'm not so good in shifting gears. But.... tractors are a piece of cake and good fun so I enjoyed riding one around the field. Back to weeding. Later on Steve needed do go to the hardware store so I joined him on the ride downtown to get a Denman Island chocolat bar (made with Belgian chocolate) and a huge oatmeal raison cookie. Yummie. Afterwards I quickly used the weedwhacker around the cherry tree, almost cutting a garden snake in pieces, and emptied another vegetable bed.
Watched another movie ("My best friends wedding" with Jullia Roberts and Cameron Diaz) and went back to the barn. Deer eyes followed me again all the way down but it isn't scary anymore.


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