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Denman Island - August 12-13

(Friday 17 August 2007) by Karin
Angel of Education
Made the mistake of taking the John Grisham book I bought yesterday with me to the barn. Result: a very short night. But the sun was out so I got up to feed the pigs. Really getting used to climbing over the fences now and avoid getting pushed in their mud baths. While looking for the piglets I stumbled over 3 garden snakes warming in the sun. They are quick and taking pictures isn't easy. They sure did not wait for me. If you're lucky you get their tail. While weeding that's usually all I saw. Weather was only soso and I didn't feel like going anywhere just to get wet so decided to pick a new batch of beans and freeze them. Got another bucket full. One less job tomorrow.
Should start sorting and packing for return to Vancouver and Ottawa but don't feel like doing anything. One of those days where I just hanging around. Anyway, it's raining so not really beach weather. I guess I'm just looking for excuses. Fed the pigs in the evening and the little ones are getting more adventurous. They will come and sniff your hands if you don't make sudden movements. They sure are cute.
On Monday the sun was up early but not me. Too comfy in my 'hay' bed. After feeding the pigs for the last time I spent some more time weeding (for the last time) and picking plums (for the last time) and as the cows were moved to another field I didn't have to worry about them pushing the ladder over.
Spent the afternoon washing and drying, sorting my stuff and trying to pack it so that I didn't have to unpack everything for something I would need over the next few days. Kept wondering how I would be able to fit everything in. Went to town with Karine, the neighbor to get some bread and ice cream (dessert on my last evening). While Steve was feeding the pigs I tried to get pictures of the snakes but one of the momma pigs scared them away.
My last night in the hay. Will miss that.

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