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Denman Island - Vancouver - Ottawa - August 14-15-16

(Friday 17 August 2007) by Karin
Up really early as I wanted to pick a bowl of blackberries and some green beans for the road and the last of the gathering and packing needed to be done.
Then I went with Steve when he fed the pigs and finally got to the snakes before they could hide. They don't hear you but they feel the vibrations and as they moved from their usual spot on the ground up to a little wall to enjoy the morning sun and I approached carefully I managed to not scare them away. Also saw a salamander. Just as difficult getting a picture of a salamander
Then Steve brought me to the ferry and it was time to say goodbye. Had mixed feelings here as I really enjoyed my stay here and I would have liked staying longer but I knew deep down that it was time to go on.
On the bus I opened the present Steve gave me and discovered a small bottle of Baileys. hmmmmmmmmm. We had been discussing alcoholic beverages over a glass of Kahlua one evening and I mentioned that I really liked Baileys. So sweet of him. Had to change buses in Nanaimo but luckily not move my bags myself. Also nice to take the bus cause on the ferry you don't have to worry about your bags. Found a great spot on deck 6 in the sun and enjoyed the ride. In Vancouver I took a taxi to the HI Downtown. Last 2 nights in Vancouver and spent the first one uploading pictures.
Angel of Flexibility
Got up early but not in a very positive mood. Updated weblog and checked email. It had been a while so lots to read. Then got ready to see some museums. Took the False Creek Ferry to Vanier Park and went to the H.R. Macmillan Space Center, followed by the Vancouver Museum, both of them located in the same building. Didn't spent much time in the Space Center but enjoyed the Vancouver museum. Visited the Vancouver History exhibits like the 50's gallery, Boom, Bust and War Gallery, the hippies' communal house etc. Then the travelling exhibition produced by Allen Sap: "Through the eyes of the Cree and beyond". The Cree of West Central Saskatchewan tell their story inspired by the at of one of their own - Allan Sapp. A visit offers visitors the images and voices of the Northern Plains Cree recounting insights into their own history, culture and beliefs. The exhibition provides a human face for issues such as reserve life, treaties and contemporary Cree. The weather was beautiful so I had some lunch in the park before visiting the Maritime museum. Highlight here was the video with the story of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Arctic Schooner St Roch. St Roch was built in 1928 as a floating police detachment in Canada's Arctic and is a historic sailing vessel restored to its 1944 working condition, renowned for its voyages through the Northwest Passage. Captain Henry Larsen, St Roch and its crew were the first to make the west to east transit of the Northwest Passage in 1940-1942, and the first to navigate the "deep water route" through Prince of Wales Strait in 1944, a feat that ended in disaster for many previously expeditions. After the video I visited the ship. I am not sure I would want to spend a year or even a few months on that boat.... a lot of people in a very confined space. Had a snack on the beach before taking the ferry back.
Quick stop at the hostel before heading to my doctor's appointment to get my last Hepatitis B shot. Strolled around town afterwards for a while before heading back to start packing and see if I could fit everything in one bag. Will have to leave some stuff behind but it fits. Am afraid that the bag might be too heavy but will find out tomorrow. Had a hard time falling asleep.
Angel of Clarity flying with me today
Quick shower and packing up the last bits and pieces. Some breakfast and then I called a taxi to bring me to the airport. The busstop was just tooooo far to walk with such a heavy bag. It was overweight (al ost 26 kilos and the max was 23) so I needed to take a few things out at the airport. Put all of it in my hand luggage. Was early so had time enough to stroll around, have some lunch, buy a book and read. Flight was delayed. Switched seats with someone so had lots of leg room as I was sitting at emergency exit. Very comfortable but the flight still seemed long even though I was tired and had a nap. Good to see Lorraine at the other end and invited them (Lorraine and Alan) for dinner at the Green Door. My favorite veggie restaurant in Ottawa. Lots of talking and telling stories before they went to bed and I checked the internet as it was still early for me. 3 hours difference so for all of you back home.... only 6 hours difference now.
Good night.

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