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Ottawa - August 17-18-19

(Saturday 25 August 2007) by Karin
Let's start with some Ottawa history.
Did you know that Ottawa started out as a bona fide, booming lumber town, long before it was ever Canada's capital. Bytown (as Ottawa was then known) was chosen by Queen Victoria to be Canada's Capital in 1857. But the decision did not come without controversy - this was just one of the cities considered, and discussions were lenghty and heated.
The area's first inhabitants were the Algonquin Aboriginals, followed by French traders. After 1759, British settlers started arriving, and in 1826, British troops founded a permanent base in present-day Ottawa in order to build the Rideau Canal (linking the Ottawa River to Lake Ontario).
Got up late every day. I did go to bed on time but tossed and turned for hours. Jetlag I guess. And for the rest I've been taking it easy too. Just hanging around the house; doing sudoku puzzles; updating the weblog; catching up on reading; making a mess of my room (Lorraine came down and ran up to get her camera to immortalize this); got in the pool once but as soon as I was installed on the mattress the sun disappeared behind the clouds (really annoying) and the other days the weather was just no good; watched some movies in the evening (Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry met Sally) etc.
On Sunday we had a great lunch with way tooooo much food at Lorraine's mom. We went for a walk with the dog before dessert and stopped at a small lake. Water really nice but didn't have my bikini so just enjoyed walking around a bit barefooted. After dessert, which consisted of Angel food cake with berries, ice cream and whipped cream, we were too full to do any more exercise (and then I wonder why I gained weight). Leftovers were brought home but if I don't want to be as wide as I'm tall I better stay away from those.


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