Travel Journal

Ottawa - August 25-28

(Friday 14 September 2007) by Karin
On Saturday I went for a run and added some 'sightseeing' to this. Which of course means that I turned around in circles again and got a much longer workout then I anticipated. I did want to see more of Ottawa but the same streets over and over again was not really what I had in mind. I did make it back at some point and spent most of the day sorting pictures. One last dinner at "the Green Door" (my favorite restaurant) with Alan and Lorraine before bedtime came around.
Early Sunday, my last walk around the neighborhood with Michel. Planned to go into town in the afternoon but weather was so nice (finally) that I ended up floating in the pool. What a though life. Finished my statue/sculpture tour later in the day. A walk along the historic Rideau Canal on to Confederation Park and to the Ottawa City Hall.
Monday I had a swimming lesson scheduled and I'm a bit sad that I don't have more time for more lessons as I could certainly improve my 'style' a lot more. Gil, the coach, dropped me downtown for some last minute shopping (maple syrup and some presents) that still needed to be done before I could start packing. Decided for 2 overweight suitcases instead of a third one as a difference of a 100 dollar makes an enormous difference in my budget. And then the sun came out and floating in the pool is so much more fun than packing......
Later in the afternoon, Isabelle, a girl I met in Banff/Jasper picked me up to go Hogs Back (I wanted to see the waterfall before going home). Spent some time enjoying the falls and talking before going home for some dinner. After dinner we went to the evening Light and Sound show on Parliament Hill. Fantastic lightning images and a rich tapestry of words, music and sound that tells the story of Canada. A short ride through Little Italy and Chinatown before Isabelle dropped me back a the house. (Isabelle, if you read this, I'm really glad we still managed to spent some time together on such short notice). Ended packing till late at night or more exactly, early morning which means a very short night as I met Alan and Lorraine at 6:30 in the morning for a last morning walk. I had planned another swimming lesson, which was great, and went home with loads of good advice and afraid I would never finish packing in time. But I did manage and even managed to put it in two very full and overweight suitcases (hoping they would not burst during the trip). A quick lunch before departure to the airport where my flight got changed. No 5 hour wait in Frankfurt. yippppieeeee. A 3 hour wait in Ottawa instead but also only once change (in London). Will be home sooner :-).


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