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Brussels - August 29 - September 9

(Friday 14 September 2007) by Karin
Not much sleep on the plane so exhausted but happy to be home. Saskia (my sister) picked me up and before going to her house dropped me at the office to pick up the keys to Dominique's apartment, my home for the next two+ weeks. Talked left and right while my poor sister waited in the car. Feels good to be back (for a little while). Spent the afternoon at my sisters before heading back to Brussels, buy some groceries, have some dinner and crash.
Made early appointments for the next few days so I will be on Brussels time quickly. Lunches and dinners here and there filled up the first few days quickly. Anouchka, another sister, and family passed through Brussels on their way back home from France and it was nice to catch up on the latest news. Her kids sure have grown a lot but I recognized Muze (almost 2) immediately...... still no hair. Dinner on Thursday evening with Sylvain and Amanda (colleagues) and Zina (ex-colleague) was fun and the late night talk with Gina (colleague) too until I remembered (at 2:00 am) I had an 8:15 pool appointment with Britta. Another short night.
Friday was spent mostly in the office catching up on the latest gossip. Sure is nice to spend time thre without having to work.
Busy weekend followed. First I drove to Soesterberg (Netherlands) where Rob, my brother, had the pleasure of my company on Saturday :-p. We talked till late but no need to get up early this time. On my way back to Belgium I stopped in Utrecht to meet with Ingeborg who suffered through the West Coast Trail with me. Walked around town (Utrecht sure is a nice town for walking), had some dinner and talked a lot. Slept there. Still sleeping in a different bed in a different town each night. On Monday I crossed the border into Belgium again and stopped at my mom's. Lots of talking and dinner with Stephan and Rene (2 more brothers) and Jessica (one of my nieces). Updates on all what happened and playing games with Mom till late at night. Lost every single game (as usual) but had a great evening.
The rest of the week was mostly spent the same way. Early pool appointments, lunch or dinner with friends, etc. Managed to forget Mike's (yet another brother) dinner invitation for Sunday evening. Good thing he called me.

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