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Brussels - September 10 - 14

(Friday 14 September 2007) by Karin
Aaaaargggghhhh. Days are counting. On Sunday I leave for 12 weeks with sunscreen, malaria pills and half a pharmacy, and lots of good advice for Ghana. I will start with a six days orientation (how do I survive in Ghana????) in Accra, the capital. From September 23 till September 28 I will participate in a 'Drum and Dance' course for a week. After that I will travel to Larabanga (Northern Region) to 'work' as a teacher's aide at the Larabanga Primary School for 7 weeks. I will stay with the Alhassan family in Larabanga.
In a meanwhile I continued my visits, lunches and dinners with friends and family this week :-D. I sorted through books, toys, school supplies, clothes etc. for the school in Ghana (I don't think I will have a lot of space in my suitcase for my own things). I already got a handfull of shots before leaving for Canada so hopefully will be spared some awful ilnesses. But it sure was about time I did something about my visa. Without I won't be able to enter Ghana and I looked forward to this for too long to let this happen. So I filled in the paperwork, got some pictures, made a copie of my flight schedule, got my passport and drove to the embassy. Three days later I picked up my passport with a multi-entry visa. You never know, maybe I will have some time to visit neighboring countries.
All that is left to do know is the last minute shopping for forgotten items, pack the suitcase and say goodbye :-( to everyone. Got one more day to do so.

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