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Brussels - September 15 - Brussels - Accra - September 16

(Tuesday 18 September 2007) by Karin
My last day in Brussels and surely not ready yet. Glad Dominique comes today and she will hopefully help me with the packing. I think I sorted it all but looking at the piles of stuff I'm not really convinced I will be able to fit it all in one bag and might have to reorganize (again). Dominique does manage but when the time comes to weigh..... tooooo heavy. Way over the 32 kilo limit. What to take out? And will we be able to close the bag again? I guess books, crayons, paint etc. do weigh a lot but I don't want to take that out. Managed to cram all we took out in my hand luggage. Heavy heavy but I will be able to take it all. Yipppiee
Picked up dinner at a Lebanese restaurant and ate tooo much. I guess that won't happen for a while now. And delicious strawberries :-D that Anouchka got us for dessert. I'm going to burst.
To bed not too late as tomorrow will be a long day.
Up early to take a long shower. Don't know when I'll be able to take a real shower again as at my host family you shower 'by use of the bucket' according to the papers I received. Make breakfast and finish the last of the packing. Dominique leaves first and I'm afraid I won't make it. So many last minute things to think of and that need to be done. What do I forget?????
Then she calls me to say that it is terrible busy at the airport. And as if I'm not stressed enough yet... it takes me forever before I find an empty parking spot. Saskia, Jessica and Femke meet up with me and I finally relax over another breakfast. Don't want to say goodbye yet but will have to. And lucky me.... Don't know what they saw in my backpack but I get to empty it, what really isn't that difficult but it's quite a puzzle to put back together afterwards. And what's wrong with my shoes now???? By the time I get to the gate they are boarding already. At least I won't have to wait here. After an uneventful flight I meet Danielle (my partner at the project) in London where I still need to find an adaptor plug. We also get something to eat and I buy some books (the latest Harry Potter is one of them... finally) before boarding. A 6 hour flight but time 'flies'. At the Kokota International Airport in Accra I get my passport stamped after a short wait in line and without any questions. That was easy. Wondering if my bag will have made it in one piece. It was soooo full I'm afraid the zippers didn't hold. But when I finally rolls by I see it is fine. ouff. An employe from SYTO (Student and Youth Travel Organization) is waiting for us outside and drives us to the Pink Hostel where we will be staying for the next few days during our orientation. We meet a bunch of the other volunteers and sit around for a while talking. We are 20 in total. Two from Norway, 1 American girl, 5 Dutch and 12 Germans. Remembering all their names will probably take me all week. I don't linger too long as I'm tired. Airco in the room so no problems with sleeping I hope. Anyway, it isn't as hot as I expected. We also have shower and flush toilet..... luxury here in Ghana. I'm still wondering what they refer to with KIVP written next to toilet on the papers I received regarding my host family.
But before going on.... a short geography lesson and a little more info about Ghana. The Republic of Ghana is located on the Guinea Coast of West Africa and is sandwiched between Togo, Cote d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso. It lies in the tropic zone, covering 238540 square kilometers, with a population of over 15 million. The official language is English, partly because of the country colonial association with Great Britain and partly because there are so many ethnic languages that just one of them could not effectively serve as the official language. For the moment I am staying in Accra, the capital, in the South. After a one week orientation I will be going to Larabanga in the North. For the moment I won't bore you with more details but keep reading.

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