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Accra - September 20-21

(Saturday 22 September 2007) by Karin
After our late night out a later pick-up today... 9.30. But plans changed again. They just about change every hour here. Pick up at 12 so some of us decide to go to the market to do some "window shopping" before our cooking lesson with Momma Joana. Found some interesting cars for sale. We will learn how to cook some Ghanaian dishes. On the menu: jollof rice, yams, baked plantains, chicken and some sauce made with some kind of spinach. For the vegetarians ... white rice and beans. Had fun cutting up the onions, keeping the fire going under the pot, etc. They are cooking with an amazing amount of oil here. Our language lesson got cancelled so I tried to finish book number 2. Another electricity cut (frequently happens here) so reading continues with a flashlight as it is dark inside and pouring rain outside. I did finish the book and oh, I so regret not having bought the 3rd one. I will have to wait for months now to discover what happens next.
Some of us stay for drum and dance, others leave at 4:30 am for Kumasi and some at 9:00 am for Tamala tomorrow so this is our last night together and our room is surely not the most quiet one with lots of talking and laughter. 3 girls from the room next door join us and then we discover an enormous spider. Who of the girls quickly disappear, Danielle jumped out of her bed onto Melissa's bed (further away from the spider) and Anais is seen jumping on a chair from which she forgets to come down long after the 'beast' is killed. Martina is the one appointed to kill and climbs on Jamies bed. She misses and he falls, Jamie finally kills him. Hilarious.
Friday morning is spent packing and uploading pictures before we get picked up 10 minutes early. Of course, we are not ready. We quickly adjusted to the African way of life.
Our new life is really starting now. Tropical heat, fights with the mosquito net, pee with flashlight, washing with water from a bucket, etc. Our new guesthouse: no running water most of the time and often no electricity.
Lunch at a restaurant in the Kokomlembe neighborhood where we almost got into a fight with the waitress who kept bringing us food we didn't order. End of story: spicy veggies that I of course didn't manage to eat. Dinner was some interesting Ghanaian dishes eaten by flashlight as there was another electricity cut which probably was a good thing as I prefer not to know what was on my plate. But I did try some of everything.
Wonder what Ghana has in store for me tomorrow. I'm amazed at how quickly I got used to life here. No stress, go with the flow, patient when waiting 'again'. Our program changes constantly. I live day by day and even hour by hour. No worries about tomorrow.

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