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Accra - September 22-23 - Holy Matrimony

(Tuesday 25 September 2007) by Karin
Laundry morning today. The Ghanaian way.... cold water in a bucket. Decided thre and then I'll need to do this more often. Large quantities of laundry just isn't very handy.
Next - Holy Matrimony
"There shall be showers of blessing
This is the promise of God
There shall be season refreshing
Sent from the Saviour above

No, no need to worry (or rejoice for those of you that want to visit me in another country), I did not get married. But I had the honor of being invited to the wedding of a Ghanaian couple with Momma Joana, her sister and my 'roommates'. The ceremony took place at the Lighthouse Chapel International, a beautiful, modern church. The reverend made jokes constantly and got everyone dancing and singing. The audience shouted their own comments in between. I enjoyed thoroughly. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. Where else do you see people dance in the aisles and at the altar. The wedding cake was cut in the church and the newlyweds came out to thank everyone personally for their presence.
We received enough blessings on Saturday to skip church on Sunday even though Momma Joana would have loved taking us. We planned a trip to Kokrobite beach instead. Located approximately 30 km west of Accra by road, Kokrobite beach is best known as the site of the Academy of African Music and Arts Ltd. We bargained a decent price with a taxi driver. Ghanaian taxies are not metered, so a price must be agreed upon in advance. They are easily recognized here by there orange wings and constant beeping. At the police barrier near the junction for Kokrobite beach we got stopped because we were 5 passengers in the taxi instead of the 4 allowed. When 50 meters down the road the taxi made a u-turn we got stopped again. He did not feel like paying another 6 Cedis on this side so talked the police into talking to us. We didn't know anything about the 4 people rule and told them so, smiled our most beautiful smiles 0:-), cracked some jokes and were let go.... Good fun.
On arrival we 'baked' in the sun for a few hours. Sun was hot, water was nice but because of the strong currents you cannot swim on most beaches in Ghana.
Return trip was done on a tro-tro. A tro-tro is pretty much any passenger vehicle that is not a bus or a taxi. Mostly crowded minibuses with not much chance of finding an escape route should you be involved in an accident. Most tro-tro's leave when they are full but if stopped on the way there is always space for more. It also seemed more like 3 people were allowed in the bus when 2 left. Crowded but we made it back safely to the guesthouse where we lined up to shower the sand of our bodies. Sticky, sticky, sticky. We probably could have filled a sandbox with it.


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