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Ottawa - May 4

(Saturday 5 May 2007) by Karin
I did it.... I set up this travellog.... after three months. Now you can all keep track of my whereabouts but don't expect great writing.... I never was good at that. Let's start with a little history (for those readers that don't know me).
Last summer (2006) I decided to take a break and go and see the world. Departure date set for February 7 and as all those that travelled will know.... not enough time to arrange everything. Selling furniture, moving out, getting papers organized, etc. Then decide where to go and organize a go-away party. That was in January and thanks again to all those that came and made this a special evening for me.
Started out slowly... One week in Ottawa where it was soooooooooo cold. Visited the annual Winterlude celebrations with Lorraine Sasha and Uliana. Amazing ice and snow sculptures. Also managed to drag Lorraine to the world's larges skating rink by the Guinness World Records. 7.8 km of the Rideau Canal, which celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2007.
Karin and Ian
Karin and Ian
Then I spend 2.5 months in Fairview (just as cold) at a friends place (Nathalie) to look after her 2 year old (Ian) in the mornings. Discovered that Lake Erie freezes in the winter. Spend a week in Florida with the whole family and enjoyed running on the beach, sunshine, dolphins playing and pelicans diving for fish. Also got to spend a great weekend with friends near Philadelphia (Debbie, if you read this, I love the camera). Then back to Ottawa to spend another week at Lorraine's .
And tomorrow I'm flying to Vancouver and I still haven't packed the backpack. Everything spread out in Lorraine's room but anyone who knows me will also know that packing is not one of my strenghts.
Is this all going to fit????
Is this all going to fit????
And packing for three months obviously is not going to be easy, not if it has to fit in one backpack. But I sure am looking forward to getting on that plane tomorrow and discover Canada's westcoast.
So instead of writing lenghty stories here it's time to pack.
See you.



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