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Accra - September 26-27

(Thursday 27 September 2007) by Karin
Getting better at getting around Accra. Taking tro-tro's becomes easier too. Some of them are just tins on wheels. And often you see them on the side of the road with a flat tire or completely broken down. Not surprising... at home they would not even want them at the car cemetary. We did make it every time to our destination without to much trouble. But if you happen to sit in the back, just about everyone else on the bus need to get off to let you through.
Twi lessons are going fine but dancing.... I just do not have the arm-leg coordination. Quite hilarious and we laugh a lot. On top of that we started a new one today... the rain dance. It is still hot and dry here so if it rains in Belgium }-) . Drumming seems to be easier.
In the afternoon I went off on my own. I have to admit it was a bit scary 8-O at first but I managed fine. Did some shopping and bargaining, went to fancy spa, Allure Beauty Palace, (started to look like a monkey), took a taxi and even took a tro-tro home.
Next week I will be teaching so they expect to see me in a skirt. Not only that but it has to be a below the knee skirt which I, of course, do not have in my 'extensive' wardrobe here. So a visit to Momma Joana's sister was a must. Choose fabric and a model, got measured, paid and I will be able to pick up my new skirt with a matching scarf for the enormous amount of 12 Cedis (just over 9 euros) tomorrow.
Thursday morning started good. My bikini top that disappeared yesterday from the clothes line reappeared. Apparently found in the dog house. Very dirty but one of the boys (no, that's not a mistake) offered to wash it for me and he did a great job. Probably beter than I would have done.
Our last lessons today. I am a bit sad but its probably good for you. No more rain dancing. I'm looking forward to my trip to Larabanga even though I'm having a great time here. In Larabanga the real work will start and that is one of the reasons I came here.
So tonight packing starts again. And you all know how much I love that.
Tomorrow I will spend most of the day on the bus going to Tamala, Saturday in a tro-tro to Larabanga. From now on internet access will be sporadic but will try to keep you all up-to-date as much as possible.
Nante yie

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