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Vancouver - Shushwap Lake - May 6

(Monday 7 May 2007) by Karin
Travelled from Vancouver to Shuswap lake today with the Moose travel network. Riding the Moose is a good way of getting around. They pick you up at the hostel and bring you to the next one on your chosen trip. If you'd like to stay longer in a certain place you hop off and get back on the next time a bus comes along.
So today was my first trip and it started with me being stressed cause I wasn't sure if I specified which hostel I stayed in in Vancouver (there are three). Departure at 8:30 but I was ready to roll at 5:30. Must have been the time difference. Rain in Vancouver.
Bridal veil waterfall
Bridal veil waterfall
First stop at Bridal Veil Falls. A little hike up but beautiful (falls are named for its resemblance to a bride's wedding veil). On one of the stops to cross a bridge over the Fraser river I had my first wildlife encounter..... a tiny baby Pika (not bigger than a mouse) crossing the path. I still do hope to see some bigger animals before coming home. Also stopped in Lytton where Fraser River and Thompson River join. One muddy brown (clay and sandy water), the other seemed almost black (water coming down from the mountains). Also called Canada's hot spot as they once hit 44.4 degrees celsius. Today it was sunny but windy and not very warm. Scenery all along the trip was beautiful. From green mountains (lots of trees) to bare mountains (almost desert like) back to green.
Next stop, Kamloops Lake. A little hike up to get a great view. Here all coats and sweaters stayed in the bus. We would have liked to stay there but Shuswap Lake was the destination today and we arrived here around 6:30. Dumped my stuff in the room and changed into running clothes. Walked down to the lake and had a nice run on the beach and in the woods. Smells quite different from a Brussels run and I prefer the scenery. Prepared a nice dinner at the hostel and now just about ready to go to bed. Tomorrow I'll be going to Banff.

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