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Larabanga - October 15-16 - ouch ouch

(Sunday 21 October 2007) by Karin
No school on Monday as the ramadan is over and everyone celebrates. And Larabanga is the only community in Ghana that is 100 % muslim.
Danielle and I decide to take a bus to Damongo to go to the internet cafe and to buy some school suppplies. The bus is late but Alhassan (our hostfather) has stopped a pick-up car and we can get a ride in the back. We take one look at our clothes and realize we will be very pink again. But the ride is fun and less dusty then expected. The internet is slow slow slow but I managed to put some pictures so enjoy.

We then buy some paper for the kids and walk all over town before finally finding some balls. The kids will be ecstatic. But what a pain..... wherever we walk now kids come to us and want a ball. It really gets annoying and at some point we surely are not the nicest oburonis in town..... no no no no no no is all they hear now. As the bus back is only in the evening we try to catch a ride back with anyone going the right way. It is early afternoon and really hot when we finally succeed. Another ride in the back of a pick-up truck but this is actually quite fun. We just have to make sure not to loose the balls bumping along when we hit the big holes in the road and there are plenty of those :-(. We enjoy.
Later in the day we go watch people dance to the beat of a bunch of drums. They keep going till quite late at night.
After another bad night as my throat isn't getting better and on top of this I now have a very nasty cough and that always gets worse when you are laying down. I was afraid I would keep everyone awake. Decide to go to school anyway even though I can hardly talk. The kids just get a longer break and they loved the balls. What a treat for them. Something else to fight about ;-). Bringing them to school was less fun as every kid in town wants one of course. By lunchtime I have no voice left and I try to get some rest. Not easy with all those coughing fits and it is really hot today. I've been good with the heat until this weekend. In the north it is even hotter then here but I have a feeling that since we are back we have a few degrees more here too.


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