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Larabanga - Damongo - October 21

(Saturday 27 October 2007) by Karin
Sunday, yippieeee, sleep-in..... or at least that was the plan but the restaurant owner across the street decided otherwise. 6 o'clock.... music soooo loud that the whole village can 'enjoy'>:-). And unfortunately he only has one tape and he plays it over and over and over again. Lucky neighbors. And asking him to turn it down a bit has the opposite effect. And I just cannot stand music in the morning (bad memories I guess) so I get up in a 'not so good' >:-) mood. Decide to do some of my laundry to get rid of some of the anger. Scrubbing should help but as the music doesn't stop, I just get more angry.
Later in the morning we catch a ride to Damongo so we can use the internet. But again no luck..... this must not be my day..... it isn't working. We go for a drink while they wait for the electrician and it starts pouring .... again. And here you are soaked in about 10 seconds. After a 3 hour wait they've fixed the problem.
And then the wait for the bus back home starts. At 9 pm still no bus (we discover later that the bus had a flat tire (second one that day)) so I decide I'll pay for a taxi..... I'm hungry and want to go home. Maybe some of you remember that the road between Damongo and Larabanga is bumpy, reaaaaaaaaaally bumpy, and of course our driver has a new car and really values it. Result: It takes us more then an hour to do 16 km. At some point we keep looking behind us thinking that this way the bus might be in Larabanga sooner. But we do make it home and spaghetti.... yeah... spaghetti is waiting for us. First time in months it seems to me.
What a day. Sure hope this is not a preview of the rest of the week.

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