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Larabanga - October 26 - Famous in Larabanga

(Wednesday 31 October 2007) by Karin
A very noisy start of the day and sleep-deprived as I am that didn't go well this morning. First the usual bus and then the prayers. Just after six the Rising Sun Restaurant owner thought it was time to put the same tape in again and Danielle wakes up too. When she asks if I will go or if she should go ask him to turn it down a bit I decide it is time for a chat. I walk down and ask him if he can turn it down a bit as some of us would like to get some sleep and he just starts yelling at me. Result: I flipped. I grab a cup of water conveniently standing on a table next to me and throw it in his face before walking out. Unfortunately, a woman cleaning just outside grabs me and Mr. pain in the b...... hits me in the face. Ouch, ouch, ouch.... but I can't let that happen so I punch him back }-). Unheard of as a woman is not supposed to hit a man even if he beats her. Trouble, trouble..... he punches me again and my arm just flies his way again and a third time. The other woman tries to separate us (probably pretty unhappy that she grabbed me in the first place) and receives the next punch.... etc. etc. etc.... Someone finally manages to separate us and I march off... mad mad mad and angry angry angry >:-) >:-) >:-). When I discover that my shirt is torn I decide I need a cold shower to calm down. Before I finish one of the elders is already talking to Alhassan and wants to know exactly what happened. I just want to go for a walk and try to calm down as the shower didn't help much. Not allowed out of the house of course (for my own safety I guess). Didn't go to class. Instead I washed whatever I could get my hands on (very good anger therapy) and spent the morning on my own.
When the others come back and Alhassan tells me Larabanga needs five women like me he makes me smile. He thinks it is great and about time something like this happens. When I walk through the village with Amana later in the afternoon to visit another newborn every woman we pass asks her if I'm the oburoni that hit a man. They don't understand it as they think I'm so great with the children. News spreads fast in a Ghanaian village. And the man's wife tells everyone that wants to listen that an oburoni "knocked down" her husband. And better yet, a female oburoni. I honestly cannot remember 'knocking him down" but they say that's what happened. If Larabanga would have a newspaper I'd be front page news. Not really sure how I feel about that. Glad I'm leaving for the weekend.
When we pass the restaurant on our evening walk the music is turned up a bit more.

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