Travel Journal

Tamale - October 27-28

(Wednesday 31 October 2007) by Karin
Left L. at 4:30. Bus ride isn't getting less bumpier. I actually think it gets worse each time. On the other hand, for those of you that go to a fitness center to use a PowerPlate, taking the bus here is much cheaper and the result is probably the same ;-).
Nice breakfast on arrival, visit to the Barclays Bank (the only place you can change money) to find it closed (lucky for me there's an ATM as I need to pay my hostfamily for the next four weeks), and some grocery shopping. Choice is not enormous but so much better than in L. I want to visit a pharmacy to stock up on band-aids, cotton balls and other first-aid supplies but come out empty handed. Disappointing. But we do get malaria pills for Danielle. She's got malaria and so does Jaimie. Most volunteers end up getting it. Even Ward (the Dutch doctor) got it.
In the afternoon we bring a visit to the pool (part of the reason for this trip) to find out that there is no electricity so no entry..... >:-). Return to the Ticcs guesthouse to rest before dinner. A delicious no-cheese pizza accompanied by a salad and french fries. I know, what a combination but I couldn't make a choice and it was sooooooooooooo good.
Early bedtime and my first full nights sleep since I'm in Ghana. It feels gooooood.
On Sunday morning we first buy our bus tickets to make sure we at least have a seat. The others go to the pool but I want to use the internet so stay behind. Go to the market to buy some vegetables as they are hard to find in L. (only tomatoes and onions). Found some peppers and carrots so that will be a nice change. An enormous plate of veggies is the first thing I will eat once I get back home. And a nice salad. Yummie. Then the internet cafe only to find out that I cannot logon to the travellog. I should have gone to the pool.
After a seemingly endless bus trip I'm glad to be home. Danielle stayed in Tamale for a few extra days.


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