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Sushwap Lake - Banff - May 7

(Tuesday 8 May 2007) by Karin
Another long ride on the Moose. Scenery still beautiful and the closer we got to Banff the more snow we saw. First stop this morning for Go Karting. Just watched the others as after having seen the first group go at it I figured that with a few months of travelling ahead of me and prefering doing that in one piece go karting wasn't something I really wanted to do.
Skunk cabbage
Skunk cabbage
Lunch stop in beautiful Mt Revelstoke National park where I had a short walk on the Skunk Cabbage trail. The boardwalk along the Illecillewaet River gives a up-close view of the skunk cabbage and the marshes. The trail loops throug classic Columbia Mountains. Beautiful flowers but in my opinion they don't smell like skunk.
Natural Bridge over Kicking Horse river
Natural Bridge over Kicking Horse river
Another stop in a beautiful area.... Natural Bridge. A place to wonder at the force of water over time. A natural rock bridge arches over the Kicking Horse river and some beautiful aqua blue water rushes down into the river.
Last a short stop at Louise Lake village, an uninspiring village which is not much more than a small shopping center, before arriving in Banff. As usual... drop of the backpacks and hunt for food. Found a great vegetarian restaurant and had a yummie meal before hiking back up to the hostel.


PS. Went forward an hour this time so .... 8 hours difference now


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