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Larabanga - October 29- Nov. 2 - Grasshoppers

(Sunday 4 November 2007) by Karin
A nice and quiet week. No Mohamed Ali stories this time.
Early morning you will often find me on a little bench in front of my room scrubbing my clothes, sheets, etc. I sometimes wonder where it all comes from but then.... after a half day in school where kids wipe their noses, faces, hands, etc. on my shirt I like to change. They play and roll in the dirt so when I pick one up after another fight or fall to wipe away tears I look pretty pink too. And since the return trip, school-home, looks more like a physical education lesson as we run, walk, jump home while clapping hands and stamping feet I get home really hot and dripping sweat. I did this once to get them moving along a bit faster but they love it and want to do this each day now. Poor me. Wouldn't be surprised if most people seeing me think I'm crazy. Some kids from the primary school, on break at that time, join us in the fun. Danielle, so much smarter, stays behind with the slower ones and comes home at a leisurable pace.

Football is the national sport in Ghana but since the grasshoppers came, thousands of them, this one is closely followed by a new sport. Catch as many grasshoppers as you can in one hand (they better not be claustrofobic), or go around with a stick and try to beat as many as you can. And if you are no good in this you can still try to catch one, pull out their legs and see how well they hop after that. I guess that this time I prefer being an oburoni and not a grasshopper.

Kids run up to us when we get close to the school if they haven't been knocking on the door around 7:00 to watch us have breakfast and prepare for class and we haven't sent them away so we can eat peacefully. They like us but that surely isn't true for all the adults. Some think that we will teach the kids all the 'bad' things (I wonder how we'd do that as they really hardly speak any english), others don't like us because they cannot rip off tourists while we are around. That's mostly a few lazy boys with a thief as a leader. It is well-known and written in every guide book that some "guides" are just being a pain and trying to get you to give them some money in exchange for a "tour of the village" and they won't let you go. They'll cling to you until you give in. A lot of them end up paying just to get rid of them. It really is sad as it gives L. a bad reputation.
All in all, it is good being here and feel part of it all.

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