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Damongo - Larabanga - November 3 - 9 - Malaria bug got to me

(Tuesday 13 November 2007) by Karin
Weekend in Damongo so I get at least one 'no noise' night. Left Larabanga in the afternoon in the back of a pick-up truck for a bumpy and dusty ride to Damongo. Walked to the market to get some supplies before joining Ward in his luxurious house (for Ghana standards) for a nice dinner and quiet evening. Sleep-in on Sunday :-O and a nice 'sit down at a table' breakfast before spending the rest of the day in the internet cafe to keep you all updated and to upload some more pictures. Time consuming here.
Monday a regular school day but the rest of the week, most of my time was spent in 'the little room' :-x. Started out with a night of fever and continued with my stomach going on strike and my intestins doing overtime. Kept saying this was just a little stomach virus that would go away by itself. Diet of rice and ORS didn't help much and four days later, totally empty, dizzy and with no strenght left I did call Ward. Result: trip on the back of a motorbike to Damongo hospital where on arrival I get off the bike on the wrong side and get a nice burn on my leg when I hit the exhaust pipe >:-). Got the malaria test done with of course a positive result. And Ward telling me: 'I told you so" :-p. Back to L. with some new pills and more ORS where I listened to some more people say: "I told you so". Yeah, I know. And I got to eat more rice :-(. I can also have bread or crackers or carrots but carrots are not to be found in L., crackers are outdated by a few months/years and the last time I bought some bread here it had the consistency of a building brick. I do prefer rice.

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