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Larabanga - November 10-11 - Hahahahahahaha

(Sunday 18 November 2007) by Karin
Did not want to miss my morning wake-up calls so stayed in Larabanga for the weekend. That of course is a lie. Just was not well enough to travel so stayed in Larabanga. Uneventful Saturday where I did manage to sleep away most of the afternoon. And after eating rice for a few days :-( I finally was able to have my usual breakfast again. Yummie papaya. Papaya is in season for the moment and soooooooo good that I have a plate for breakfast every morning. Won't get tired of that.

Sunday didn't start out that well but ended up being the highlight of my week. Dutch volunteers in Tamale stayed at the guesthouse and visited the 'town' with me as their 'guide'. The mystic stone visit turned into a hilarious event. Upon arrival 3 Americans visiting got the 'story' from an older man that I had heard about but never met on my previous visits to the stone. When they left they paid him 1 cedi and another one after he complained it wasn't enough. We all know the story so told him we were not interested. He went on to tell us we did not have to pay but contributions were welcome. When we told him that we had no intention in giving him any contribution he held on to the stone as if it was his property so the others could not make a picture without him. Or so he thought. As they were four they all stood in front of him in a way that all he could still move was his head to the left or to the right and I kept shouting left-right instructions while making pictures with 4 cameras. It really was a ridiculous sight but never have I seen so many real smiles on pictures. And try to make pictures when you can't stop laughing. Needless to say the man was furious and kept shouting at us but realizing he wasn't getting any money, finally walked away while I sat on the stone. We walked away still laughing and visiting 'our' school. Spent the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing and played yahtzee in the evening. First time since ????
:-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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