Travel Journal

Larabanga - November 12-15

(Sunday 18 November 2007) by Karin

Week started with an extra wake-up call at 2:00 am from a bunch of kids laughing and screaming in front of the guesthouse. Still managed to be late for school and without Danielle was in charge of both classes until Amara showed up. Got 40 kids in my class now but noticed that some of the older ones are finally remembering some of the things I'm teaching them. Feels good. In the evening Danielle came back with more milk for the babies and some nice fresh bread, crackers and yummie cookies.

On Tuesday 3 more volunteers came with lots of supplies for the kids and to help build new class rooms. I ordered 2 more benches (1 for each classroom) and a new door for my classroom. When the carpenter came last week to fix the windows and the door he told us the door has been eaten by some wood bugs and is beyond repair so a new one is needed.
Wednesday afternoon was spent helping the new volunteers putting together the folders with games, reading, math exercises etc. for the kids at Savannah lodge (annex to the guesthouse) and I got eaten by mosquitos. Savannah lodge is located a little outside the town and more in the bush. More bites in one afternoon then during my whole stay here in Ghana. Sure hope I won't get malaria again.

On Thursday, my last day with the kids (for now) I had mostly playing, singing and having fun on the planning. And pictures. Took class pictures and individual ones. Not easy with a bunch of kids that cannot sit still.
In the afternoon I picked up a dress I had ordered and visited first Asana and Fuseini (the twins) and then Zenab to bring them more milk and make sure they have enough until I come back (I left some extra with Danielle in case they run out). Nathalie, thank you so much for your contribution (I received the payment) and a big hug and lots of :-* from Asana, Fuseini and Zenab.
Tomorrow I'll be taking the early bus to go to Kumasi. Nante yei.


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