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Cape Coast - Accra - November 22

(Thursday 22 November 2007) by Karin
Right now I wish I was home. I am tired of the oburoni, oburoni, oburoni calling. I can understand it from the kids but why the adults? Hey you oburoni is what I hear as soon as I put my nose outside. I wonder what there reaction would be if I start calling them "hey you Ghanaian" or "hey you black person". Don't think they would like it. Then they want you to buy something from them and if you don't they just start asking for money. Or it is just "Give me some money". "White" means money. Unfortunately this oburoni does not have money. And if you don't have money, you might have a toy or a pen, etc. :-(. And when you are friendly with someone they want to marry you. Believe it or not but I am tired of declining marriage proposals. I have had more of those in the last few days then ever before. And some of them don't understand a NO. But why? 'I love you', 'you are so nice' (as if you would know that after a few minutes or hours), 'you are great', 'I love you so much', 'you are smart', 'I want to marry you', 'it feels like I've known you forever', etc. And what next???
I want a real washing machine (at home I don't buy anything that needs to be washed by hand and here I am doing my laundry, handwashing, up to three times a week), and a kitchen, and real food (I love the fruit here but unfortunately I can't live on just fruit. Won't be much left of me then by the time I come home), and a flush toilet, and privacy, etc. Some luxury. And I want a bus that comes when it is supposed to come. Had to be at the bus station at 12:30 for one o'clock bus that only got there at quarter past two of course. And instead of doing the luggage tags before hand ..... no, let's just wait until the bus is about to leave, then weigh the luggage, put on the tags and get payment. A little bit more delay doesn't make the difference. Frustrating. At least the taxi didn't try to overcharge me when I arrived in Accra (I called Emmanuel first to find out how much it should be). The one in Cape Coast tried to charge me 3.50 for a ride I only payed 2 cedis for yesterday. Let's just try and see if I can overcharge this oburoni. Hmmmm.... that didn't work. Too bad. Will be nice to see the price of something before I buy it and decide if I want it of not. Bargaining is fun sometimes but not anymore if it is to be done on a daily basis for everything.
As you can see, not a very good day today.

But it started out fine. Up early, check emails and upload last pictures, some sunbathing but inside the resort compound as John, my latest fan, was on the beach and I wasn't ready to hear him express all his love for me again. And the sun and sand was just as nice and sunny and hot as it was on the other side of the wall (see picture). A nice shower, pack up my things and some lunch. Lunch unfortunately was too spicy again, even though I asked for a non-spicy one. Was sad too leave the place but can't stay in Cape Coast forever of course. Felt sick on the bus but couldn't sleep as they had a few movies going as loud as possible of course. Something I won't miss either: loud music, cars beeping for everything from 'hi'and 'bye' to 'here I come', 'get out of my way', 'what the hell are you doing there', etc. They use their horns here more in 10 minutes then I did in 7 years.
Sorry you all, a bit of moaning today but that's how I feel right now. Enough of everything. Will be better tomorrow.

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