Travel Journal

Accra - November 23-24

(Sunday 25 November 2007) by Karin
2 days in Accra. Start with some pampering (or was it more torture?) at Allure Beauty Palace before visiting the SYTO offices, Barclays Bank (again) and the Koala supermarket, where prices are so inflated, 12 Euro for some Nescafe, 7 Euro for a small jar of Nutella that you wonder who can afford those prices. Occupied me for quite a few hours and the rest of the afternoon was spent resting.
Today I met up with Lukman, whom I met in Cape Coast, and we went to the arts centre where we walked around for a few hours. Here you can buy just about anything you want, from genuine kente and other fabrics to carvings, statues and bead necklaces. But the level of pushiness is soo high :-( here that you end up being rude and just ignore the vendors. Does not make it more enjoyable to browse and it isn't very good for business as you tend to just pass by without even taking a look. It really takes the fun out of shopping. Did find some nice things and left the bargaining to Lukman who of course did a marvelous job.
All together it was a morning/afternoon well spent in good company. Tired of all the walking, in a not only busy but also really hot and sweaty city, I took a nap in the afternoon. Even though I do not get the usually wake up calls here I now automatically wake up at 4:00 am, manage to fall asleep again but am up at 7:00 anyway.
Leaving for Akosombo tomorrow.


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