Travel Journal

Tamale - Larabanga - November 29-30

(Monday 3 December 2007) by Karin
Morning in Tamale spent behind a computer and doing some shopping (milk for the babies and veggies for me). Then the usual wait for the bus which was only 1 hour and 45 minutes late for a ride along the bumpy strip of red dust that passes for a road. Happy to be back home.

Went to the school this morning to find it empty. Football games at the primary school so no kids in our school but loads of them across the street. When a bunch of them started asking for money I decided not to watch the games but just go home.

With nothing else to do I decided to go take a look at the building of the new school building near Savannah Lodge (annex to the guesthouse). Kylie, Spencer and Ellen were busy sawing wood for the benches so I joined in the fun. Seemed a lot easier when they were doing it but I enjoyed and felt useful. In my two weeks away the carpenter built the structure of the school and the roof was finished. Now they are building mud walls (mixture of sand and water) which will need to be plastered afterwards. Approx. 50 cm a day as it needs to dry first.

Food doesn't seem to agree much with me these days so did not feel well after lunch and just rested. Tired from travelling and not enough sleep and tomorrow I'll be on the road again. This time with Danielle. Our last weekend.
Sleep well.

PS. Nathalie: I visited Asana this afternoon and is here a picture for you from Asana. She is now 5 months old.


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