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Jasper - McBride - Dunster - May 9

(Thursday 10 May 2007) by Karin
Up early again today and still wonder why as the first shuttle bus back into town only leaves at 9:50. Seems to me like half the day is over. So packed my bags and hung around the common room for a while. The bussed then dropped me off in town. Dropped bag at the trainstation and picked up my ticket to Dunster. Wandered around town, checked emails, visited the visitor center and picked up some info for future hikes. Bought some snacks and lunch for the road. Jasper is soooooooooooooo expensive but got to eat.
Then on the train to Dunster. Was a bit worried about getting my bag on there but that's all taken care off here in Canada. People are soooooo helpful here. And so much room to put all your stuff and still have plenty room for your legs. Beautiful scenery along the way and the train will slow down if there are really nice mountain views eg. Robson mountain. Changed ticket to McBride as my wwoof host, Carol Ann, picked me up there.
Drove to my 'home for the next few weeks' and got a tour and some explanations about the next few days of work. Watched some hummingbirds on the porch. Beautiful but much smaller then I thought and I do understand now where the name 'humming'bird comes from.... they do make a lot of 'humming'noise. They also move around so quickly that I'll need a ton of patience if I want to make a picture. I think I made a good choice and will have a good time here. Carol Ann is really nice.
More about this adventure in the following weeks. Keep reading.


PS. And again an hour back. Back to 9 hours difference


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