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Wechiau - Wa - Larabanga - Accra - December 3 - 8 - Again.....

(Saturday 8 December 2007) by Karin
Arrival in Wa after a dusty tro-tro ride. The dry season is starting. The Harmattan winds (dry wind blowing across West-Africa from the Sahara) make sure that there is a constant layer of dust in the air. Passing cars take the view away for a few minutes and concerning the flora there is only one way to describe it: it is turning very brown.
Wa is the capital of the Upper Region and one of the oldest cities in the Ghanaian interior. Our first concern on arrival was finding food and shelter. And after that an internet cafe. Once that was all taken care off I didn't feel so well anymore so I went to bed early. An early bus ride in the morning back to Larabanga and the rest of the day and following days were mostly spent in bed, at the hospital, in the little room or with my head in a bucket. Malaria again. I did not get many mosquito bites but it looks like the ones that did bite me were the bad ones. I guess I prefer ants after all. Is this my punishment????
Travelling to Accra on Friday sure was not much fun. 3 hours on the bus in the early morning, hang around Tamale for a few hours and then 13 and a half hours in the bus at night. Wooooow, I made it. But I went for total luxury and got a single room at the Pink Hostel. Need some rest. Then a visit to The Loom with Ellen and Lukman. The Loom is the oldest Art Gallery in Accra and definitely worth a visit. Another visit to the National Cultural Centre, where the level of pushiness has not changed but I'm getting better at ignoring the people, finding what I need, bargain, pay and go to the next stall. Time for some lunch/dinner and repack my suitcase. Home home here I come
A bit tired of the talk a lot, to say little and do even less mentality for the moment but it sure was a good experience and I do not regret. Hey, I have never been told so many times how beautiful, smart, pretty, intelligent etc. I am :-^.


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