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Accra - Brussels - December 9 - 15

(Monday 17 December 2007) by Karin
Last day in Accra and I meet up with Lukman to go visit the National Museum. It is one of the oldest museums in Ghana and opened on March 5th, 1957 as part of Ghana's independence celebration. The fairly large museum contains some fascinating exhibits that are part of the country's historical past. You'll find objects of archeology, ethnography as well as fine art. I preferred the ethnography gallery where you can find chief's regalia, indigenous Ghanaian musical instruments, traditional textiles, stools, etc.
Said goodbuy to Lukman after a nice lunch together and a last tro-tro ride. My stay was coming to an end and I was happy to go home.

Apart from my relax and pamper day (sauna etc...) :-D with Saskia (my sister) which passed by waaay too quickly the 6 days that followed where spent running around to see friends and family and get ready for my trip to LA and Mexico as Harald and Laila invited me for the Christmas Holidays. As Laila wrote in my book months ago: "Life is Good". Looking forward to seeing them.
I was surprised at how quickly I adjusted to everything at home again. Sometimes it seemed like I never left, at other times I just keep noticing the differences. I surely do not miss the noise but I do miss the sun and the heat. Am also a bit sad that I didn't see 'my' kids anymore as I was too sick to walk around. But Danielle had them all draw a picture for me and prepared a book for me with them and some comments from friends. Thanks Danielle. I really like it.
I enjoyed my first trip to the grocery store and finding all those veggies. Yeah, more than just tomatoes, onions and the occasional carrot. Thanks mom for a very veggie first meal. And no bargaining but I later heard that prices have gone up a lot. Didn't pay attention to that. I also was surprised that I didn't feel cold at first (I guess I soaked up enough sun before I left) but that unfortunately changed.
Packing up is the last thing to be done and as usual the place is a mess. I never seem to be able to do this without taking over whatever place I stay in. Thanks Dominique for putting up with this again.
Next log I'll be in warmer places again.

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