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Dunster - May 13 - 20

(Monday 21 May 2007) by Karin
I know, it's been a while and some of you are probably wondering but not much happening at this end. Last Sunday Glenda and Bob (the neighbors) picked me up to go to the Dunster Annual Mother's Day flea market. A very long name for a small market but half the Dunster community is out there. A nice gettogether.
The rest of the week I've been busy repotting veggieplants in the greenhouse and preparing the herb bed (weeding, digging and mix in some compost). I've learned the art of splitting wood for fire kindlings and I still have my 10 fingers. Not a drop of my blood on that ax. I do have two hands full of cuts and scrapes though and that all because of someone planting some mint in the garden. Here a small gardening lesson... I'm sure some of you know this but for those of you who don't..... NEVER NEVER plant mint just anywhere as it takes over your garden in no time and it sure is hard work if you ever want to get rid of it. I've created an enormous burn pile over the last few days and be happy so see that one go up in smoke. So if you like mint... plant it in a pot. And the bathroom has been repainted. With the right color this time so it looks really good now. Did get some paint in my hair too...... or is that just grey hair????
Shasta and I still go for our daily walks but no more wildlife encounters unless you count ground squirrels. I still have to see my first bear.
Weatherwise it has been good till yesterday. Of course it was the "Spring Plant Market Sale" at the Dunster Community hall and that's when it started raining. Luckily not for too long and the plants sure could use some water. I sold a bunch of tomato plants, pumpkin plants and brussels sprouts plants. Nobody was interested in the watermelon plants. I guess they don't believe in growing watermelon in this climate. Anyway, this was another occasion for the Dunster Community to get together.
And last night I went to a concert of Mamaguroove and guests at the guess where..... Dunster Community hall. A bit noisy towards the end but I enjoyed.
For a small village there are quite some things going on as tonight we will be going to the 25th anniversary of the building of the .... you guessed it..... the Dunster Community hall. A shared community feast (potluck dinner) to start in about 5 minutes so I will be closing off and go have some dinner.

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