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Baja California - December 24-25 - Christmas on te beach

(Tuesday 8 January 2008) by Karin
I love the wake-up calls when Harald and Laila sing 'are you sleeping' to me. If I am already awake I still wait for them but then it is really time to crawl out of the warm sleeping bag and tent. High tide in the mornings. A bit chilly yet but the sun is up and warms our beach spot too. The air is still and the sea is calm. The water is blue-green and crystal clear. Breakfast before diving :-\ into the water, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Learned how to wash dishes with sand and seawater. The sand is not really sand but finely crushed sea shells. It works. Then, Harald and Laila show me the cookies they specially baked for me with no butter and eggs. They (the cookies) are deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious :-D and Harald and Laila are really sweet.
I am having loads of fun with Laila, building sea shell mountain, jumping rope, playing games, going on a kayak ride and for walks. We all hiked up the peninsula, climbing up and down and leaping from boulder to boulder, being careful in avoiding sharp cactus needles. On top we got a magnificent view and I allowed it to have its soothing effect. Some lunch and a nice and peaceful nap in the sun, out of the wind before we attack the return trip. Going down always takes me a bit longer as I'm always a bit afraid of sliding down. I prefer climbing up.
Christmas on the beach was a new and great experience. Laila and I decorated the trees and bushes with lights and christmas decorations. Santa must have liked it cause when we came back from a walk presents were found under one of the trees. Laila was all excited and it was fun to watch her unwrap her gifts. Santa ;-) brought me a beautiful necklace and a scarf that came in handy right away as it is cool, not to say cold, in the mornings and evenings.
The night sky is magical. An explosion of stars across the desert sky.


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