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LA - Brussels - Johannesburg - January 5 - 9

(Thursday 24 January 2008) by Karin
These days were mostly spent unpacking, packing, washing, drying, saying goodbuys, and at airports and in airplanes flying to Brussels and soon thereafter to South Africa where I arrived on January 9. Waiting to pass customs I turned on my phone and got the first of many b-day messages and phone calls :-* :-*. Thank you those of you that remembered. Loved it *_*. After passing customs and picking up my luggage I was glad that Rudy was there to pick me up as taxi drivers almost assault you to get your business.
Leaving the airport I didn't really feel like I was in Africa. Decent roads, houses, shopping malls etc. What a difference with Ghana. And ...... it rained. And I thought I, for once, would get a sunny, warm birthday. It seems like I landed in the wrong country. Could have been home if it was not for the heavily secured homes. A fence around each home or compound. Ghana surely was a safer (and warmer) country.
One thing that surprised me was that driving on the left hand side of the road did not seem weird to me. What is also nice is that slower drivers move into the emergency lane to let you pass.
10 hours difference and not much sleep put me out for most of the afternoon but the day ended perfectly with a nice no-cheese pizza dinner with Rudy and Charlene.

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