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Dunster - May 21-23

(Friday 25 May 2007) by Karin
Here we are again. The potluck dinner on Sunday evening was delicious and the company was great.
Monday morning I went for an early run and had my second wildlife encounter. A moose. A moose is quite literally the size fo a horse and is easily identified by its long, thin legs and overhanging snout. The male moose is further distinguished by its enormous set of antlers. This one was blocking the road and of course when I was going down the hill. And as with all wild animals .... you don't go too close which means I had to turn around and go back up the hill. And my running shorts don't have pockets so I didn't have the camera with me. (Amanda, if you read this.... I'm wearing my long johns with the shorts over it for running as it is still cold in the morning and I have to find some use for them. Looks very sexy). By the time I got back to the top of the hill and turned around again she was gone. This was the best part of the day.
Canadian tiger swallowtail
Canadian tiger swallowtail
I went for another walk with Shasta in the afternoon and saw some beautiful butterflies but try to make a picture of those.....
Tuesday I was occupied with the usual chores and still busy pulling mint out.
On Wednesday I visited McBride as Ernie needed some supplies and I was ready for some change of scenery. McBride is located about 30 km west from here and is the closest 'town'. Slightly bigger then Dunster with a population of 711. I looked around the few shops and we had some lunch. And at the grocery store I found some Belgian Cote d'Or chocolate. Of course I couldn't resist. Yummie yummie. On the way back we saw two coyote but they were not ready to pose for a picture. Too bad. For those of you who are interested.... a coyote resembles the wolf but is smaller. One of the best identifiers of a coyote is that it runs with its tail down.
Back home I continued the 'mint project' and while pulling some out I discovered a cute little birdsnest with two tiny little eggs. I never would have imagined finding a birdsnest on the ground and I tried to find out what bird it could be but have not figured that out yet. There are actually a lot of birds that build a nest on the ground. An interesting chore was added to my list as I'm almost done with the mint and it is too early to plant outside yet (there is still a chance that it will freeze at night so we have to wait another few days). We do have about 50 sweetpea plants to plant against the fence of the vegetable garden so I told Carol Ann I would 'quickly' dig a trench, add some compost and it would be ready for planting day. I know now why she didn't think this would be a little job. I have spent a lot of time digging rocks since, filling one bucket after another and adding to a rock wall near the barn. No way you can dig anything here with just a shovel. These are not the Rocky Mountains but the Rocky Valley.

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