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Bushveld Camp to Hazyview - January 30-31

(Tuesday 12 February 2008) by Karin
Arising with the sun, we set out on foot in this "Big 5" reserve for a lengthy walk. Searching for game we learned more about the ways of the bush from our tracker and drifters guide. We inspected poop, which I choose not to touch, and learned about the different giraffe poop, impala poop, etc. Then Jonathan showed us a game played by Zulus in the bush with impala dung. You put a pellet in your mouth (yuck) and then try to spit it out as far as you can. I did not take the challenge. Jonathan and Joe lured a baboon spider out of his hole so we could see him. Quite impressive. We also inspected trees and shrubs and their uses. We met some giraffe and zebras and strolled and talked for a couple of hours before heading back. A siesta was called for then followed by some lazing away on the deck to watch the constant activities below.
In the afternoon we went for an open-vehicle game drive on which we encountered several giraffes, lots of impala which we nicknamed big Mac's (for the males) and little Mac's (for the females) as the black markings on their rumps are in the shape of Mac Donald's golden arches, some wildebeest and buffalo.
After watching the sun set we continued and Joe shone a huge spotlight which he swung side to side for the glint of eyes in the darkness. We spotted our first elephant.
Animal sounds echoing through the air lulled me to sleep.
The next morning afer getting out of my sleeping bag and wandering out on the deck I discovered a couple of giraffes down below. What a beautiful creature. They nibbled on branches overhead and did not pay any attention to me. Did you know that despite the giraffe's incredibly long neck, it still has only seven cervical vertebrae - the same number as all mammals, including humans?
Anyway, a leisurely start today. We travelled through the rural Bushbuck Ridge area to Hazyview. While still on the reserve, Andy and I sat on top of the green monster and enjoyed the ride high up. Spectacular scenery but we had to be careful not to get hit by tree branches. Did end up with a nice bruise and scratch on my arm when I ducked to late :-(.
On arrival at the Hazyview Inn we were immediately greeted by Napoleon, the house pig who started eagerly to lick our legs (yuck). We stay in a log cabin spectacularly situated on stilts in indigenous subtropical forest on the banks of the Sabie river. After lunch we relax near the pool before taking a walk through the jungle to the river. We inspected indigenous trees and plants and Jonathan, again, bombards us with loads of information. His knowledge about the bush is amazing and I only hope that I will retain some of that.
We found some hippo tracks but unfortunately no hippos. Did encounter some ostriches and one ran after poor Napoleon who of course didn't like this too much. But what a sight.
After dinner and some time talking at the bar, bed was welcome - I was asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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